Bob Whitelock

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Selections from previously released CDs
This Time Love's For Real c2000
Hired Guns c2002
2 Country CDs by Bob Whitelock

 This Time Love's For Real c2000

Hired Guns c2002

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All songs written by Bob Whitelock.
Fords and Chevys co-written with Stacy Saveall and Mike Ihde.

Special thanks to all who performed on my recordings!

Mike Ihde-guitar, pedal & lap steel, bass, bu vocals
John Summerson-guitar
TK Dolan-guitar
Sandy Martin-bass
Rick Dahlinger-piano, synth
Charlie Irwin-bass
Rich Gordon-guitar
Matt Leavenworth-fiddle
Carl Phillips-pedal steel
Rick Williamson-bass
Jon Steinberger-bass
Ed "The Face" Korman-bass, keyboards, bu vocals
                     and harmony arrangements
And last but not least, a very special thank you to my son Daniel for not only performing with me live and on a few recordings, but for his support, hard work and study, and continued growth as a person as well as a musician. Thanks as well to my family all over the country, Dan's mom Lisa and all who've been supportive of my music throughout my life. 

Bob Whitelock Music, Charles Street Station, P.O.Box 140333, Boston, MA 02114  617-851-6721